2024 East Coast Grand Nationals

Welcome to Team Shelby Northeast

Team Shelby is the only club officially recognized by Shelby American for 2006 and newer Shelby vehicles. We encourage owners of all Shelby automobiles, as well as any enthusiast of the Shelby marque, to become part of the Team. (Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member.) The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present, including those that own cars built in the 1960’s – and Shelby Dodges too.

“We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars,” noted Carroll Shelby, Founder and CEO of Shelby Automobiles, and Member #001. “Anyone who wants to have fun should join, whether or not they own a Shelby car. We’ll have a blast and we’ll do it the Shelby way!”

“People have asked me for years to form a club that will help them really enjoy their Shelby car,” Shelby went on to say. “There’s a new generation of cars, new faces at Shelby, and people who want to enjoy their vehicle in new ways. The world has changed over the past 50 years, so we need a club to meet the needs of this new generation. We want to knit together those people with owners of early Shelbys and give everyone new ways to have fun with their high performance vehicle.”

Team Shelby Northeast is proud to be one of eight domestic regions – leading Shelby enthusiasts across the country, and across the world!